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As parcels are handled several times during this process, all items carried need to be packed to a high standard to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. Here you can find several useful tips on how to provide safety packaging in the best way

  • Make sure you put all necessary information including address, contact telephones and contact sender’s and receiver’s name
  • Use a carton made of high quality corrugated cardboard preferably double walled to ensure strength, durability and protection
  • Avoid using a carton more than once as it’s strength and therefore the protection it offers is reduced the more times it is handled
  • Choose the correct size of carton to match the contents — under-filled boxes are likely to collapse, and over-filled to burst open
  • Parcels should not be bounded (or be inseparable)
  • Forbidden to use parcel with dangerous labelling
  • Ensure all of the carton is sealed securely, with the flaps taped down along the middle and on both ends over the corner стеклянная, керамическая, деревянная, пластмассовая и другая тара должна полностью обеспечивать сохранность содержимого и предотвращать груз от утечки, разлива или россыпи содержимого
  • Liquids must be shipped in leak-free containers packed with lightweight protection
  • Damaged containers of liquids can cause contamination to other customers’ goods
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